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If you've got a car or parts you're thinking of selling, have you seen the cost of advertising lately?

I think it's outrageous!


That's why at Rovin Rods and Classics we've decided to do something about it through our sister site, Rovin Rods and Classifieds.

                                 Get FREE classifieds with us.

If you advertise only occasionally, please, don't pay rediculous prices. Start with a completely FREE ad with 2 photos and a generous 100 words to describe your item whether it be a car or the parts for a car. If you need to upgrade, we'll help you save a ton there too. Keep reading - it's all at Rovin Rods and Classifieds.

Hey, let's face it. These are tough economic times for everyone. We think the more money you can keep in your pocket, the better, right?


So we're introducing POP - Pay One Price - ads for any private advertiser that runs ads on a regular basis. For the insanely low price of just $49.95, you can advertise for an ENTIRE YEAR- cars, parts, services - anything related to this great hobby - as many as you'd like and as often as you'd like.


And these are no stripped down ads. You'll get up to 8 photos and up to a whopping 500 words!!


All for a low $49.95 per year - NOT per month.


Now hold onto your lug nuts cause here comes more!


Got an auto related website? Well we'll give you a FREE link to help you sell - and all for how much? Yep! Just $49.95 with never any additional or hidden fees - for anything.


Hold on now, we're not done yet. How about free shipping for all of our subscribers on select items on our site.


We'll also be having some raffles and giveaways for you. All this for an incredible $49.95 per year with our Gold Plan!

Wow, talk about value for your hard earned dollars!

Don't advertise that much? Maybe 4 - 6 times a year? Well we've got something for you too. For only $6.95 for the month, you can have 2 ads with 4 photos each and up to 300 words per ad. Pay only for the months that you place an ad using our Silver Plan. 


Sign up today - Just click below. Start saving right NOW! And remember - it's only $49.95 per year with the Gold Plan or only $6.95 for any month that you choose to advertise with our Silver Plan with never any additional or hidden fees to you.

How about something for folks with full time auto related businesses? You need a break too! Well here it is. Our Gold Plan for commercial users will let you advertise for a FULL YEAR for only $89.95 for the year and includes a FREE link to your site!

Click on the link below and start saving TODAY!!!


Vinny & Rosemary - Your friends at Rovin Rods and Classics / Rovin Rods and Classifieds



 Click Here To Start Saving Today!!